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Econometrics and Statistics Seminar

Thursdays, 14:00-15:00 h, Faculty Lounge (Juridicum, Room 0.036)

October 25, 2018 Andreas Dzemski, University Gothenburg
Title: Confidence set for group membership

November 22, 2018 Anna Simoni, Crest Paris
Titel :Bayesian Estimation and Comparison of Conditional Moment Models

January 10, 2019 Christophe Ley, Ghent University
Title: A hybrid random forest to predict soccer matches in international tournaments

January 17, 2019 Koen Jochmans, Cambridge University
Title: Testing for within-group correlation in linear fixed-effect models

January 24, 2019 Johannes Lederer, University Bochum
Title: Tuning Parameter Calibration for Large and High-dimensional Data

January 31, 2019 David Kraus, Masaryk University
Title: Regularized classification of functional data under incomplete observation

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